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I'm Ivailo Popov, Web Designer & Web Developer from Varna, Bulgaria.


I’m a Web designer with 5+ years of experience coding responsive websites. Proficient with HTML, CSS, SQL and WordPress CMS.

As a teenager, I was improving my skills and learning new things such as JavaScript, Sass, PHP and some Web frameworks such as Foundation, Bootstrap, and TailWind… and when I was 17 I started working at TransferMate (TaxBack) as a back-end Web designer.

How did I get started? My dad bought me a PC when I was around 3-4 years old. My father taught me how to use the computer. I found it very interesting how the ‘icons’ worked, so I was not afraid to click around. As I got older, I started to search Google to answer my questions, and I began teaching myself more. Later on, as I explored the web, I was interested in how the web works and again started Googling. I started online HTML courses from Telerik academy on YouTube, then learning about CSS and so on…

In high school I joined the Software Engineer track and there I learned C++, Excel, Microsoft Access and other tools. I graduated in 2020 with a certificate. Now I’m continuing to work for TransferMate, am partnering with my friend Josh (Code Chameleon) on WordPress and custom Bootstrap based sites, and am seeking new projects of my own.

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The story behind OmegaSkiller

When I was a kid, I was a gamer playing minecraft with mods. I was tired of using nicknames like “ivo_7”. One day, when I bought my first gaming mouse and keyboard, I combined the brands Omega (mouse) + Skiller (Sharkoon Skiller) = OmegaSkiller!

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Some of my skills

My main skills are: HTML, CSS, JS (+JQuery), PHP (+WordPress), Smarty
I also have experience with Python, Flutter, Go, C++

SEO Optimization

Websites with properly implemented SEO increases both the quality and quantity of website traffic, as well as exposure to your brand, through non-paid search engine results.

Happy clients

"Satisfied customers are the best source of advertisement." I ❤️ to make my clients happy! Smile more!

Fast project delivery

If you have something urgent, I can deliver to you a ready to use website in 5 days - provided your communication with me is fast too.


39% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online. Edit your content with ease, without the ongoing need for a developer!


You can entrust me with the design of your site and you will be completely satisfied with the result!

Recent Projects
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